The Wedding

As we finish up our Indian wedding week, shot by the talented Laura Grier of Beautiful Day Photography, we arrive at the finale day!  The grand culmination of the four day wedding tradition for this beautiful couple wraps up our week of their magical event. 

The wedding ceremony itself took place in a room made entirely of bamboo covered in candles tied at varying levels, giving it a romantic and ethereal feel.

One thing we liked about the Indian ceremony was that since it was traditional and very long, guests can come and go as they please, grab a drink, wander to another tent, come back and watch a few minutes here and there if they don’t want to sit for the entire ceremony.  We like the flexibility and open nature of that kind of ceremony, especially when your guest count tops off at 1,000!

During the festivities, the groom’s sister was pregnant and on bed rest in the hospital, so the couple had her on a cellphone for the entire ceremony.  This was an especially sweet touch since she had helped to plan the wedding and surrounding festivities! 

The bride’s dress was embroidered with peacock feather design as a tribute to the national bird.  The intricate and lux feather pattern can be seen in the close-up shots of the gold cloth. 

The wedding was a massive undertaking that took 1,000 workers a day to set up, but left us with some amazing shots by Beautiful Day Photography (A Bridal Bar Member)!!